Hailing from Armenia, Pambouk is an esteemed veteran in the world of electronic music, with an illustrious career spanning over 17 years. A true innovator and Grammy-nominated artist, he has continuously pushed boundaries and explored diverse musical styles, captivating audiences worldwide.

With a sound that effortlessly combines deep, pulsing rhythms, ethereal melodies, and captivating textures, Pambouk's music is a testament to his boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to excellence. His releases on esteemed labels like Hoomidaas, Melody of the Soul and Saisons have consistently graced the top charts, showcasing his remarkable talent and refined musical vision.

Pambouk's passion for sound and meticulous attention to detail make him a true master of his craft. His music is an immersive experience, transporting listeners to a realm of beauty, passion, and endless possibilities.

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